Recent commission for Research World magazine

Editorial commission for the Financial Times


christmas card design 2011

Design entry to the EVISU ‘make the rules’ poster competition hosted by Don’t Panic. The entry qualified to be exhibited at the EVISU 20th anniversary exhibition held at the ideas generation gallery in East London. Look out for it at 1:32.

BNTL – Evisu 20th Anniversary Make The Rules from BNTL on Vimeo.

A series of spreads taken from the book ‘Bucky Hotstep Learns to Dance- and so can you! The book tells the story of ‘Bucky’, the new kid at school and his struggle to learn to dance in order to boost his popularity at school. The book also includes fold out instructions for REAL DANCE MOVES, which the reader can use to learn the steps as Bucky does.

This was a university project from the summer of 2010.

Entry to the ‘Movember’ competition

cover image for ‘Storehouse Magazine’- a norwich university college of the arts publication- june 2010

Book cover commissioned by writer Alex Allen for the UEA publication ‘Broad Reflections- words in support of the UEA wildlife trail.’